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  • Wood Painting Midland, Antique Restoration Malaga, Furniture Polishing Joondalup, Furniture Lacquering Canning Vale, Wood Painting Duncraig

    Over 25 years of experience in restoring antique furniture

  • Wood Lacquering Joondalup, French Polishing Perth, Wood Painting Duncraig, Furniture Lacquering Midland, Painting Furniture Canning Vale, Antique Restoration Malaga

    Specialising in furniture restoration

  • Antique Restoration Canning Vale, Furniture Painting Perth, Wood Painting Duncraig, Furniture Polishing Joondalup, French Polishing Midland, Wood Lacquering Malaga

    Providing Polishing, Painting, Lacquering and restorations

  • Furniture Restoration Canning Vale, Antique Restoration Malaga, Furniture Painting Perth, Furniture Restoration Joondalup, Wood Lacquering Duncraig, French Polishing Midland

    Flawless results and attention to detail

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Perth Polishing & Painting Pty Ltd

Perth Polishing & Painting Pty Ltd specialises in furniture restoration, whether you have a well loved old chair that needs re-polishing or a treasured antique table that needs a fresh lacquer our expert craftsmen will bring your furniture back to life.

For flawless results and attention to detail call our professional team on 0424 452 521 to restore your furniture.

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Furniture Polishing Landsdale| Perth

Perth Polishing & Painting Pty Ltd has over 25 years experience in restoring antique furniture, so you can rest easy knowing your beloved item is in the safe hands of knowledgeable, skilled professionals.

Based in Landsdale, Perth our team of craftsmen are fully qualified and insured, we are as passionate about your furniture as you are, priding ourselves on providing superb quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

We know how precious your furniture is to you, from that special item handed down through the generations to a prize piece discovered by chance at auction; we treat your furniture as if it were our own, with the utmost respect and care.

The wide range of services we offer means you are sure to find just what your after, whether it’s polishing, painting, lacquering or buffing, when you want to restore your furniture to its former glory call on the experts you can trust.

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Furniture Restoration
From Duncraig to Midland

Perth Polishing & Painting Pty Ltd provides the following services:

  • Furniture Polishing
  • Furniture Painting
  • Furniture Restoration
  • Wood Lacquering Services
  • Antique Furniture Restoration
  • Entry Doors
  • Furniture Glossing
  • Furniture Buffing
  • Light Fixture Painting & Polishing

Since our business begun we have striven to maintain the highest standards in furniture restoration, our long list of satisfied customers is a testament to our exceptional quality workmanship and commitment to providing reliable and efficient services to every one of our loyal customers.

When you have a special piece of furniture that has seen better days, trust our team to carefully remove the signs of wear that it has accumulated over years of use and have it looking as good as new with a professional polish or new coat of paint.

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Furniture Restoration Perth, Wood Painting Joondalup, Antique Restoration Malaga, Wood Lacquering Bayswater, Furniture Painting Canning Vale Furniture Lacquering Midland, Wood Lacquering Duncraig, Wood Painting Joondalup, Antique Restoration Perth, Furniture Restoration Malaga

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Furniture Painting
From Joondalup to Canning Vale

Do not let your heirloom furniture wear away, give it the care that it deserves and restore it to its old grandeur.

For exceptional quality results on your furniture restoration there is only one company to call; Perth Polishing & Painting Pty Ltd.

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For the highest quality furniture restoration call Perth Polishing & Painting Pty Ltd on 0424 452 521 or fill out the enquiry form on our Contact Us page today.